Are you looking for a change in downloading an application for android other than clicking play store? We are suggesting you to have a look at MoboMarket, which is a third party and one stop source for all your android applications. You can check the latest updates and latest releases in this App by downloading it. Very first thing you need to do is to select and install any application of your interest to your phone through MoboMarket. Then go ahead and Sync your phone through WiFi or Bluetooth. Most interesting and noticeable thing you going to get is about a complete details of your downloaded App with attractive user interface. The latest version of MoboMarket allowing eye-catching notification toolbar where you can easily find icons for one click opening options for MoboMarket App store, control your Smartphone brightness, Memory boost up, Check latest update notification and all in one App search option. This toolbar allowing an ease to all users who want to save their Memory by installing individual App for brightness control, Memory boots up, App search and App updates news. Also, if you interesting in knowing the number of applications that are downloaded then you can have all features about what are the programs installed or which category or what’s trending Apps in MoboMarket App store.


Key Features

Fill your phone with 3 lakh applications which are available for free in MoboMarket. Type whatever App name you interested in downloading and you going to get all related Apps just in few sec. No need to type the long original name in the search bar. Mobomarket App pop-ups also allow and give one suggestions to download all related or all recommended App in just click. Even they are going to notify users to download most trending Apps which installed by maximum users globally. MoboMarket App have attractive theme selection where one can select a theme of their interest out of big options availability. Next most important feature allowing search options for many applications in your phone as this application has categorized everything in to different groups based on the type and their release. There are vast applications for improving the performance of your phone and also about health, education, Transport and many more.


What’s New about Current Version of MoboMarket

Coming to the App lovers in India, MoboMarket recently released their updated version by targeting Big Indian App market. The latest release for Indian subcontinent going to cover Indian diverse population and its linguistic based users. MoboMarket cracked its biggest achievement and become the first App Market that supporting four prominent Indian languages including Bengali, Tamil, Marathi and Urdu though this App also supports India’s widely speaking language “Hindi”.


MoboMarket is an exclusive product of China’s search giants “Baidu Inc” and Baidu’s team investing their hard effort to provide best experiences to Indian users by targeting them on the basis of regional languages as well.  Though India have huge diversity either on the basis of language or on the basis of culture and financial inspite of that MoboMarket Team decided to grow their outreach to cover and attract Indian users to enroll in MoboMarket which becoming one of the best alternative of Google Play store.


On the other hand, the latest release of this application has launched innovative thoughts of checking the features in Indian languages. People can try this App in any of the four different languages and easily report the issues they are facing at their Global Support team. Even the Feedback, suggestions and Bugs reporting is also appreciated to enhance better performance of MoboMarket. Their support team is also looking for best candidate who can help them to find any Bugs in their Beta Release. They also offer a gift prize of ten android phones to top ten customers for their feedback, Bugs reporting, Language Translating bugs and other valuable feedback which going to help MoboMarket team to bring new updates by evaluating all users suggestions and feedback reports. MoboMarket is new and is continuously evolving and looking for more and more support from the users. Also they are recruiting people who can help in the translation of the application into the local languages.


MoboMarket Support Team

The wide range of application provided in this MoboMarket will help users to get best experiences while App suggestions and download. The main aim of MoboMarket Team is to improve the application and provide free service to the all users around the world by giving non-restricted access to wide range of Apps.  This beta version of MoboMarket for Indian users is just the beginning as their team working hard to make it even better. The team is also hiring more people to join them to improve the translation. If you are interested, please contact them at [email protected].


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