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The following is a translation in Passive voice on the conversation between Devang Bhatt. The interview is part Gujarati and part Hindi.


Devang Bhatt introduces Subramanian Swamy

Dr Subramanian Swamy, has always been the centre of controversy because of his dispension. He holds on to the matter till he gets the desired result. He is a common topic of discussions with the media and the citizens with awareness on Indian politics.

Dr Subramanian Swamy doesn’t really protest any kind of introduction that is given about him.

Page 6 : Full VIDEO of the explosive interview

Target Gandhi/ Nehru Family

All the accusations that he has put till now on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have been proved to be true.

For example, Sonia Gandhi had said that she holds a degree from the prestigious University of Cambridge. He challenged that information and proved that, she was not even a student there. So when the speaker asked for the explanation, she said it was typing mistake. Dr Swamy says that, how can there be such a big typing mistake; “attended Cambridge University and a degree in English”?

Rahul Gandhi started a company secretly without informing Indian Govt, according to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). While  incorporating it, he said, it is an Indian company, but from the past five years he is claiming it to be a British Company. And then again he claimed it to be a typing mistake. How can this be trusted?

These documents were not given by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, but Rahul Gandhi himself had signed the documents, and the rest was checked from the British official Website.

Page 2 : Revelation of the ‘real name’ of Rahul Gandhi and more explosive revelations


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