The lynching of a dentist Dr. Pankaj Narang by a group of men has yet again opened up the debate on raging minds and caste conflicts. The doctor was allegedly pulled out of his house by the group of men from the religion of peace, which also included juveniles, over a trivial issue. There are multiple versions over what had transpired but nonetheless, such an act of horror cannot be justified.

But this sorry incident has also exposed some of our politicians and also our sickular media. It is surprising how this incident has been off prime time news and how there is no outrage over this horrific act like there was for the one in Dadri. Politicos like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal ran to Dadri to ‘console’ the victim’s family, but do not have time meet this victim’s family, which is in the same city as theirs.

See Arvind Kejriwal’s tweets :

pollg 2It is a little surprising that Kejriwal was also advised not to visit Lance Naik Hanumanthappa while he was being treated in Delhi, citing security and critical nature of the situation. But the PM did meet the brave-heart. So is this just an excuse by Kejriwal to avoid meeting this family since it cannot do wonders for his vote bank ? Yes indeed. We are exposing this here today.

Page 2 : See BJP Delhi President exposing Kejriwal with evidences


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