BJP MP Hukum Singh’s Fierce Attack In Parliament

BJP MP Hukmdev Singh is quite the best orator, delivering a witty speech in Parliament on Monday, filled with earthy humour and wise cracks which had the House in splits. In his 30-minute speech, as part of the discussion on the Union Budget, Hukmdev launched into a Lohiaite critique of the Congress, castigating the party for not taking care of the rural populace and backward castes and for splitting the country in two parts – “India” and “Bharat”. Accusing the party of not being Lohiaite enough, he expressed the hope that the Modi government would be.

In His emotional speech in Lok Sabha specially targeting over Award Wapsi, Kashmiri Pandits massacre and terrorism.

In his Parliament speech, BJP MP questioned the intellectuals returning award for their silence when Kashmiri Pandits were being thrown out of valley.

We Hindus have to know our own culture and religion first. We should be proud to be Hindu and fight for our rights.

National flowers were abolished, national heritage & temple is destroyed but who try to destroy Ancient religion- Hundus to protect by all Hindus. I we belief our self Hindu in heat then to fight evil power.



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