Rarely does a Bollywood film fuel up controversies apart from the lead couple’s alleged affair or the weight loss of an actor in the shortest time possible. It was interesting to see Buddha In A Traffic Jam in the centre of heated political fiasco courting debates and discourses. What is most striking in the film is its chapter wise division like a business school text book. Rohit Sharmas music gets a special mention here for Sarkaar ki Duniya with is adept at transitions. Anupam Kher is his usual self with moments of energetic oratory which is one of his better performances in the recent years. Pallavi Joshi is a treat for the viewers in her comeback as she balances outrageous dialogues like Bharat tumhari Maa hai m******** with her contemporary take on a young out of work housewife. The only actor who is rather disappointing is Mahie Gill with her forced dialogue delivery with words like anti establishment ,pro naxal spilling out in the most animated way. Vivek Agnihotri takes on a very brave subject and moulds the film in a very disruptive, out of template fashion however dialogues being in English can be a hindrance for the average cinema goer. Most notable is the quote the film ends on.Revolution is not a dinner party.-Mao Buddha In A traffic jam is a very relevant film in trying to survive in a bundle of big budget commercial films. Definitely a must watch unless you are not aware of the Indian political scenario in which case you could give it a miss 3 and half stars

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