Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh to mark two years in office. The symbolism was hard to miss, UP goes to polls next year 2017. The Prime Minister presented a report card of his government, a detailed account of policies and various social welfare schemes and promised even better days (acche din) ahead.

See Video of Modiji giving account of his government :

Some of the top highlights of Modi Speech : 

  • I am a UP-wala… I am your pradhan sewak.
  • Our cabinet will take a decision this week to increase the retirement age of government doctors to 65.
  • I warn sugar mills that you won’t be allowed to do what you have been doing.
  • My government is committed to working for the poor. We have taken up tasks that will strengthen the poor to fight poverty.
  • I ask the people of UP have they ever heard that the Modi government has taken bribes. Even our rivals can’t accuse us of corruption.
  • If my government does something wrong, it runs on TV for 24 hours. I welcome this close scrutiny. There should be accountability for every penny, every moment. In these two years, have you heard of any charges of corruption involving my government?


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