Arvind Kejriwal before becoming the CM used to bluff that he will never take up the security and now when he became CM he got Z security and he uses it at places which he should never.

A very shameful act came to the fore. A physically Handicapped guy went to the CM office in Delhi. The guy is on wheel chair does not have both the legs. He lives in Aali Vihar ( a village near Sarita Vihar) and he went there at CMO to claim for the wheel chair that he applied for a six month ago.

AAP minister Sandeep Kumar was suppose to meet him today and was suppose to hand over the wheel chair but when the poor man entered the CMO he was beaten and thrashed out of the premises.

Is this pro poor government of AAP? Is that how they will tackle our problem?

Watch the extreme Shame:

Here is the Video


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