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We know that Kejriwal is a crook and wants to hit limelight particularly when a corruption case against Sonia Gandhi comes to light. The main motto probably seems to divert attention of media and People from Scams to his fake issue and cry. He did the same when Augusta Westland Chopper scam got exposed with Degree issue and succeeded in diverting the attention of Media from the case.

He later on silently even apologizes so that no one goes legal against him as he is scared and know that his allegations are just fake and carry no substance. In the past, he has apologized to Nitin Gadkari, when the later took him to court.

On that day also they put the allegations on BJP for the crime done by them. The orders were given to demolish Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib by AAP government and like always they blamed BJP.

Now when nobody is discussing the issue Aam Aadmi Party has issued an apology letter to BJP. They had to tarnish the  image of BJP which they did on the bases of LIE. Will they  release another video and ask for apology?



It was the case similar to the case when AAP had to give salary to MCD workers but failed to give and workers went on strike. What did they do in that case? Nothing, blamed BJP.


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