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Pakistan is a terrorist country. If that seems too harsh to you, you can at least agree that Pakistan is probably the only country right now that all terrorists seem to be running to, in order to find a safe house. Recently, US drone killed Taliban leader in Pakistani territory. Before that, US had attacked Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan territory and killed him. In both cases, Pakistan was not informed as US felt that Pakistani government will tip off the terrorists and the terrorists will survive. This shows that even Pakistan’s allies do not trust Pakistan enough.

In this debate in the video, Pakistani experts are crying that the whole world now thinks that Pakistan is giving shelter to terrorists. They are still theorizing that it is due to India, Iran and Afghanistan’s bad designs that Pakistan has a bad name in the world. Pakistani experts are also crying over the fact that India is going and working to gain Pakistan’s Muslim friends like Iraq, Iran, Saudi and Egypt and Pakistan is left without any Muslim friends.

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Pakistan cannot keep hiding the terrorists again and again and then claim that it is due to India that they are being labelled as terrorist supporters. The whole world knows the truth now. No need hiding.


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