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The 10 years before Narendra Modi felt like 10 years when India did not have a prime minister at all. We all knew that there is someone on the post. Indians understood that the prime minister position is not empty. But it always felt empty. No one would talk to us and explain why things are going well or why things are going poorly. Our PM would barely speak at all and when he did, it would be about praising the son of Sonia Gandhi and hoping that one day he would be able to give the PM chair to Rahul Gandhi. India felt weak. When on foreign tours, our ex-PM never talked to Indians, never listened to their pains. But now, things have changed.

Narendra Modi not only talks to the Indians who are in India, but he also makes sure to talk to Indians who are scattered all over the world. His events in the USA and other countries that brought together the whole Indian community showed exactly how well received that gesture was.

And now, on his visit to Qatar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed his humble side. Not only did he talk to Indians there, he sat down with them to have the food they are having. He talked to them about their problems, their issues. Even if he does nothing else, he has given them an assurance that there is someone, someone really powerful, who is there for them. Someone who will take care of any problems they face.

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We Indians really appreciate how the things have changed for us as well as for Indians outside India since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power. Indians feel prouder and more confident than we have ever been in the history.


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