Congress party vice president Rahul Gandhi is a well educated man. He has an M.Phil from the Trinity College, Cambridge and is known to be very wise if Congressmen are to be believed. A lesser known fact about him is that he is also a great entertainer. He can give stand up comedians a run for their money and has earned the nickname ‘Pappu’. Here are ten times Pappu made us ROFL!

Pappu redefines poverty. It’s now a state of mind.

Politics is everywhere, including in your pant and in your shirt. We don’t know what happened there, but it seemed like pappu had ants in his pants for sure.

Getting up in the morning is hard. By the time you are fully up, it can even become night. Looks like this happened to Rahul.

Cows give us milk. But pappu thinks otherwise.

Who doesn’t like having fun? In the Youth Congress, everyone is having fun and Rahul wants everyone to have even more fun.

Hindi is a difficult language and poor Rahul got his vocabulary mixed up.

India is a big country no doubt. But Pappu believes India is bigger than the US and Europe put together. Now that is some great general knowledge for a man who studied in Cambridge.

There is no doubt that Rahul draws a lot of inspiration from Steve Jobs. He has invoked Jobs before as well, comparing Congress to Apple and how Congress can bounce back just as Apple did. At a MBA college, Gandhi said Jobs worked in Microsoft. Poor Jobs. He must be turning in his grave.

By now we know that Rahul is great at comparisons and allusions. He says India is a beehive. Incase you get what he’s saying, do let us know!

Parrots can keep repeating words and sentences. Rahul is no different. In an interview to Arnab Goswami in 2014, no matter what the questions was, Rahul Gandhi had the same things to say – the system needs to change, women empowerment and RTI!

Rahul Gandhi is an important part of Indian politics. He is an entertainer and we hope this only continues. In the seriousness of Indian politics, Rahul Gandhi is that rare gem who make everyone laugh. For the right reasons or wrong!



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