We form very old fashioned shabby image of a village whenever we think of village. But here are 13 villages which are absolutely different from the image formed by us. Have a look at these mesmerising villages.

Fancy places, tourist attractions, luxurious stays – that’s what travel has become for most of us. However, just looking at a couple of tourist attractions can never give you the whole experience that travel ought to. One can gain the best from travelling only when he/she interacts with locals, listens to their stories, eats the regional cuisine, and actually gets to know the history about a place, rather than ticking it off one’s bucket list.

India has some absolutely beautiful villages. So, the next time you feel like travelling, go a little unconventional and visit these hidden gems. You never know what you find beneath those wrinkled curious eyes and tiny alleys. For starters, here are some places that you can visit:

1. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Source : wikimedia.org

Titled as Asia’s cleanest village in 2003, the beautiful village of Mawlynnong is a smooth 100 odd kms drive further from Shillong. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the village is cleaner than most of our houses. The village also offers a beautiful sky view from an 85-feet high tower. While you are there, make sure you trek to Mawphlang, which is equally beautiful.



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