Brijesh Kalappa, who is an official Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress and is advocate with the Supreme Court of India has crossed all the limits by posting wrong pictures on his facebook account. This shows that how low Congress can go to raise questions on BJP. He has insulted PM Narendra Modi and the Ex HRD Minister Smriti Irani, by giving wrong information about them.

See the pictures that Brijesh Kalappa posted on his fb account :

Just to make fun of the PM and the ex HRD Minister Mr. Kalappa changed the order of pictures and gave it a totally different and wrong angle. So, that people gets confused and start to think wrong. But, we will let you known the reality :


This is actually the first picture but Brijesh Kalappa changed the order and kept it second. The truth is that PM Modi was crossing the road and as everyone knows when we cross the road we check both sides of the road for safety measure and then cross. At the same time Smriti Irani can be seen walking the road too.


This is the 2nd picture which is kept 1st deliberately. In this it can be seen clearly that PM Modi is having the conversation with Venkhiah Naidu and Smriti Irani is continuing with her walk.

So, now that the truth is out, the congress will give yet another useless explanation, which will not be excepted by anyone. What the Congress spokesperson has done is really shameful !


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