Angry Alia Bhatt Lashes On Being Asked About Sidharth


Whether they are dating or not is still a question for us. No points for guessing yes we are talking about Alia Bhatt and her love interest Sidharth Malhotra.

In today’s interview with Hindustan Times,on being asked if she threw a party for her love interest to introduce Sidharth, ,Ms Bhatt lashed out saying,”That’s absolute crap. Who would throw a party to introduce anyone? He isn’t a new person who has just shifted from UK to Mumbai that I have to introduce him to anybody. Even if he was my boyfriend, I would never throw a party to introduce him, I would just say it normally. He isn’t any new acquisition that I need to show off. Plus, I have never thrown parties in my life as I am not good at it.




It’s been quite a long that fans and audience have been speculating about the relationship status of this B-Town beauty and handsome hunk, but they have always been so careful not to drop any clue about their relationship.
Reports of them staying together, to Sidharth gifting his love interest a camera, as she loves to pose, have been in the media ever since their rumored relationship. On several occasions, Sidharth and Alia have denied that they are more than just friends, though their little acts state otherwise.

alia-bhatt-and-sidharth-malhotra-spotted-on-secret-vacation-in-london-201606-1467018053The two actors have been steadily dating each other for quite sometime now. Although none of them have made their relationship official, recently there were rumors that all’s not well in the lovers paradise.