When whole country was busy in celebrating the 17 years of Kargil War #kargilvijaydiwas, there are some pseudo journalist who do not have time to remember the real heroes of our country. Arnab Goswami took on these liberals and pseudo journalists and just torn them apart into pieces. Goswami had the guts to say what everyone wants to say, he directly called them Pakistan sympathizer and Afzal premi gang.

Arnab Goswami cleary mentioned that why are these presstitutes quite on Vijay diwas, why are they not celebrating it. He wanted to know why people like Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt are so quiet. Will these Journalists only speak about Terrorists and not our army.

We salute you Arnab Goswami for your words and keep doing it in coming times too. You have our full support. Kudos to you !

Watch Video to see Arnab taking class of pseudo journalists :


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