Here is the list of 15 of the most haunted locations from
across the globe, some of which you must have heard
of, and some of which you may have not. What is for sure
though, is that you’ll want to read some of these
stories with the lights on:

1.Hanging Coffins of Sagada,Philippines.

Members of the Igorot tribe have been burying their dead in
hanging coffins, attached to the sides of cliffs, for many
years. It is thought that this brings them closer to their
ancestral spirits and would also keep their bodies safe.



2.Abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine.

Completely abandoned now, this city had a population of almost 50,000 before being evacuated shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.


3.Island of the Dolls in Mexico.

Don Julian Santana was the caretaker of this island and it is
said he found a girl that drowned in the surrounding waters.
Shortly after a doll was floating the the water and he hung it
in the trees to show respect and support the girl’s spirit.
For 50 years, until he drowned in the same waters, he
continued hanging dolls and now it is a tourist attraction
that visitors keep adding to.


4. Suicide forest in Japan.

Aokigahara is a forest at the base of Mt. Fuji where over 500
people have gone to commit suicide since the 1950s. Officials put up signs with messages like, “Your life is a precious gift from your parents,” and “Please consult with the police before you decide to die,” to dissuade people from killing themselves.


5.Abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy

The shadow paintings have been added by artist Herbert
Baglione and definitely ramp of the creepiness factor of an
already scary place. They bring to life the tortured souls
that may roam the hallways here.


6.St. George’s Church in the Czech Republic

This church was abandoned after part of the roof collapsed
during a funeral service in 1968. The ghost sculptures added
by artist Jakub Hadrava may keep the church running by
bringing in tourist dollars, but also make it just a bit more


7.The Catacombs in Paris

The 200-mile-long network of underground pathways beneath the streets of Paris contain the remains of over 6 million bodies.



8.Plague Island in Italy

Poveglia is a small island near Venice. Mass graves of the
plagues victims have been found. Napoleon also used it to
store weapons. To top it off, from 1922 to 1968 there was a
mental hospital with a doctor rumoured to have tortured and
killed many patients.


9.Fire Mummies of the Philippines

To get to the Timbak caves you need to go through a five hour car ride up the mountains, and then another five hour hike up a bunch of stone steps. There in the burial caves you will find the well preserved mummies curled up in the fetal
position in their original, egg-shaped coffins.


10.Overtoun Bridge in Scotland

Don’t bring your dog with you when you visit the Overtoun
House in Scotland because of the nearby “dog suicide” bridge.
An estimate 600 dogs have leapt off the bridge to their death
since the 1960s.


11.Actun Tunichil Muknal cave in Belize

There are 14 skeletal remains in these caves all with blunt trauma to the head. About half are children and they are all thought to be victims of Mayan sacrifices. The most famous is an 18-year-old girl named the “crystal maiden” because her full skeleton has been calcified over the years.



12. Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru

The dry climate in Peru has kept many of the bodies in this ancient burial ground very well preserved. Grave robbers scattered the remains over the surrounding area, but it has been restored as much as possible to its original condition.



13. Snake Island in Brazil

There is about 1 snake per square meter on this island and they are all golden lancehead vipers, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The final people on the island were the lighthouse keeper and his family who were killed by the snakes. The island is now uninhabited.



14.City of the dead in Russia

Dargavs looks like a nice village of 100 little stone houses on a hillside, but they are actually all crypts filled with bones. Many of the people here were also buried along with their clothes and other belongings.


15.Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subways

The subway system was partially built in the 1920s, but was never finished due to cost. You can go on guided tours twice a year, but many people sneak in and roam around the miles of deserted tunnels alone.




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