Ameesha Patel who is known for her anger issues and makes it to the headline time and again, has managed to show her angry side to the media yet again. The actress  is currently shooting for her upcoming movie “Bhaiyaji Superhitt”. The producer and director of the movie
arranged a media interaction with the star cast, about which the actress was completely unaware, as stated. The film also have stars like Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta who were also unaware about this meet, till the time they spotted media on the sets. Ameesha who was evidently pissed about not being informed about the press meet , vented her anger on the media. When addressed as Ameesha, the actress shot back saying,”Ameeshaji Boliye”. Not ending it here, later, when the actress was asked,’ where did she disappear after her 2013 release Shortcut Romeo’, the actress retorted at the media person saying that if he had brains, he would know that she was busy setting up her production house.



Recently bollywood actress Ameesha Patel made it to the headlines following her ugly  fight with actor  Kushal Tandon. The actress had a very bitter twitter fight when Kushal pointed at her, in his tweet asking why didn’t she standup during the national anthem during a movie? Angry Ameesha retorted to him stating her ” monthly girly problem” and it went uglier than expected.




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