India’s Home minister Rajnath Singh went to Pakistan for SAARC 2016 event and what happened next is something you must know. Pakistan as expected behaved like a coward and showed they have no guts to face the reality. Rajnath Singh riped apart Pakistan on Terrorism and their support for terrorism. Home Minister attacked Pakistan as they quoted terrorists a ‘shaheed’.

Pakistan themselves had showed how scared they are, as after the speech of Nawaz Sharif they did a blackout and did not allow the telecast of Rajnath Singh’s Speech and other SAARC leaders speech. This act of Pakistan shows that how immature and childish they are.

Indian Journalist Arnab Goswami took class of Pakistan and attacked Pakistan for their irrelevant behavior. See video to know how angry Arnab Goswami was !

Watch Arnab Goswami Thrashing Pakistan :


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