It has been found that when the case of cops comes up, all show the feeling of hatred but after seeing this you will just praise the work of this policemen. He is a part of Haryana Police posted in Sonipat Haryana India. This picture is from 2nd August.
You all can Check through Accu weather it was raining heavily at that time. This man is performing his Job without wearing his shoes, when it was asked by him why you aren’t wearing shoes he said “(सर कल भी ड्यूटी पर आना है जूते गीले हो गए तो कल क्या पहनूंगा, मेरे पास एक ही बूट है)
Many of us will say that its his duty but the dedication shown by this cop is to be praised.
We always say Police is corrupt, they don’t do their job properly or they treat people badly but we never praise cops like Rakesh Kumar those who are working in such a bad weather without shoes, raincoat and umbrella so that we can drive smoothly on road. This cop has raise the level of his unit by his job. We must


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