The way Shobha De insulted Team India in her tweet is disgusting. Its not only her who is busy doing these illogical things, there are other journalists too like Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, who is busy abusing their own country. People like Shobha De, whose whole life had gone by writing things about porn and sex, is tweeting about Indian athletes. Mam we want to know how much you understand Sports, because if you do, you wouldn’t have insulted your own country athletes.

There is an outrage among people after her tweet, she was trolled on twitter badly and even India’s Sports persons like Abhinav Bindra, Jwala Gutta and India’s Sports Minister Vijay Goel stood in favor of the athletes. The whole country is angry and disappointed by people like Shobha De, who insults their own country.

Now, she receives an perfect reply from an Indian who respects, adores and supports his country. See video and you will also agree with this man for his views. He has said what every Indian want to convey to people like Shobha De and Barkha Dutt.

Watch video by Ajay Sherawat :


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