If you are famous, popular, people like you then surely you are bound to have some haters too. Congress supporter, columnist, entrepreneur Tehseen Poonawalla has illogically compared Rashtriye Swamsevak Sang (RSS) with the terrorist group Taliban. According to him, RSS and Taliban perform same function, their is no difference between the two.

See the tweets that Tehseen Poonawalla tweeted about RSS and Taliban: 


As RSS and PM Modi’s haters are there so they found it a perfect time to attack them and create a hype out of it. Without being biased we will not say that RSS is doing a perfect job but do the facts also lie? You yourself see and decide who is doing what. Here is a tight slap on the face of Tahseen Poonawalla.

We present you reasons why Mr. Poonawalla is completely wrong on his take about RSS:

We all know Taliban is a terror group who believes in killing people but on the other hand we have RSS who believes in helping people and this country function in a smooth manner.

  • RSS helped in Gurugram during traffic jams :


  • RSS is too quick :


  • Helped in Jammu and Kashmir too :


  • Even Nepal earth quick couldn’t stop them :


  • Taliban men treat women as slave workers and force them to do sex slavery while the RSS is busy empowering women. 24Taliban teaches how to kill people while RSS teaches vedas to people:


We think till now everyone would have understood whether RSS and Taliban is same or not. Mr. Poohawalla you must have got your answer till now. 


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