In Rio Olympics 2016, Indian Athletes gave two memorable moments to cheer. The whole country was filled with joy when Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu won bronze and silver medal in Wrestling and badminton. Indian women stepped up to the occasion and delivered when it mattered the most and saved the country from humiliation.

But there are certain section of society who are not able to digest the success that Indian daughters have brought for their country. We already saw how left inclining liberals were busy searching the caste of Sindhu. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan is an Kerala filmmaker who was awarded the best Director in the Kerala Film Awards 2014.

See what Sanal Kumar tweeted when he saw Sindhu getting so much of love and appreciation. Shame !  

If we translate this it means : What is so huge to celebrate here. Why are people celebrating so much. What if i spit on her. 

He is not the only one there are others also who think ill like him. Another social media activist Wilson PS, was so sad and surprised with the way Sakshi Malik and the nation celebrated after she won bronze medal in Wrestling.

He didnt stop there he also wrote a post which he deleted later, he wrote, “In the land without noses, even a person with a crooked or broken nose is a king.” He also wrote, “2 crore populated countries have a lot of gold medals and this 130 crore country is celebrating over a bronze medal. What is Olympics to people who worship cows and drink their urine. I’m embarrassed to be born in this country. ”  


As twitter is famous for answering those who talk rubbish, this time too twitter gave them back in style for their irrational words. See how social media responded to them :


  • Is Kerala gone :


  • Want to be a celebrity : 


  • What are leftists upto : 


  • The caste Quota confusion :


  • The most Epic One, Ma’am we agree with you !105We all before commenting on any athlete should once think how much hard work they have put in to reach this position. So, from our end its Kudos to both PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik. We are Proud of you !


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