Since Independence its the Indian National Congress who has not allowed our country to go through a steady development process. The INC ruled India for almost 60 years and in the name of development they did nothing. Congress ruled and who benefited from it, only Congress and its ministers. The country lost its stature and became economically weak.

India and Pakistan do not share good relations due to border issues, Kashmir issue, ceasefire violations by Pakistan. Bacause of irresponsible behavior of Pakistan so many of our soldiers have lost their life and now Congress leader Ramya had said ‘Pakistan is a good country, not hell’. She even refused to apologize for her comments.  A petition has been filed against her under the sedition law.

Earlier Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had said that ‘Pakistan is hell’, Congress for no reasons always oppose BJP. Watch video and see Congress take on Pakistan.

Watch video:


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