Google’s latest sweet treat Android Nougat is now available for users to download. The Mountain View based search giant had unveiled a developer version of Android N in February this year, and in a marked departure launched the new OS before the launch of brand new Nexus Devices. If you use a Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 or the Pixel C, then you should have receive an update or will receive it soon enough. There are more than 250 news features in Android Nougat, and here are a few notable ones.


  1. Express yourself in more ways
    There are more 1500 emojis on Android Nougat with 72 news ones. Chatting is more fun now. Nougat also comes with multi-language locale support so now you can switch easily between your preferred choice of languages and get search results together.
  2. Multi-window View
    Multitasking on Android is now a breeze with dual window support on the same screen. While on an app, a long press on the app switcher square button shows which capps can be used in split screen mode. Not at all apps are ready for this but they function well nonetheless.
  3. Quick Settings
    A quick settings panel is available in the notifications centre. Swiping right reveals the whole range of more detailed settings options and the tiles can be rearranged to suit user needs.
    Emoji_Quick_Settings (1)
  4. Notifications
    Notifications on the lock screen and the heads up notifications are now more richer and useful. Users can now respond directly without opening an app to do so. This makes the UX more richer and simpler. The notifications from a single app also get bundled so it can easily be observed and seen.

  5. Data Saver
    Data consumption and usage is a problem for many, and Android Nougat has a solution for this in the form of the Data Saver. Data Saver restricts background data on cellular connections.
  6. Battery Saving
    Another big problem is battery. Android Nougat has enhanced Doze functionality to ensure that the device goes into low power model even when a user is on the move. This means that if the phone is in a handbag or pocket, the phone will consum low battery so you can maximise its use when you truly need it.
  7. Virtual Reality
    With advanced graphics through the Vulcan API, VR on the new Android Nougat is a breeze. Immerse yourself with Daydream ready phones, controllers and headsets and live in another world.
  8. More secure
    Encryption comes out of the box, private information is secured, updates are more seamless and will go on in the background as a users uses the device. Moreover the apps are already updated for the new version. Direct Boot helps your device startup faster, and apps run securely even before you unlock your device when your device reboots.

If you have any of the above mentioned Nexus devices and are yet to get an update, here’s a tip: sign up for the Android Beta program with your device and within seconds you will get a notification to update. Once it’s done, you can sign out of the Beta program and have the latest Android on your Nexus. Why wait?


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