At the Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting, Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani laid out the vision and plans for the much awaited Reliance Jio 4G. There is a lot of good news for Indian consumers, and here are 10 things you must know.

  1. Tariffs
    This has been the most awaited news of the AGM. There is a lot to cheer and enjoy and consumers are the ultimate winners in this.
  2. No voice and roaming charges
    The Jio network is IP based and tariffs will only be on the basis on data charges. All domestic voice calling is free for everyone. This is revolutionary, as most telecom operators charge for voice and data separately. Roaming has been a major expense driver in our telephone bills. However with Reliance Jio, there is no worry. Now travel anywhere in the country and talk to your closed ones without the fear of extra roaming costs.
  3. Lowest data charges
    Jio has a base rate of Rs.50 for 1GB of data compared to Rs.250 charges by other telecom operators for 1GB. From Rs.149 to Rs.4999, there are 10 plans, and are by far the best in the industry.
  4. Free night time data
    The tariffs you pay and the data allowance you get is for daytime only. Jio users will now get free unlimited data at night. This is great because if you are at work during daytime, you can enjoy unlimited content at night.
  5. Free Wi-Fi hotspot data
    Jio is going to be installing Wi-Fi hotspots at many public locations such as malls, airports, parks, stations and more. As a Jio user, you will get to use the Wi-Fi for free equal to 4G limit that you have.
  6. Low cost devices
    Customers can now now buy 4G enabled devices for as low as Rs. 2999 with the Lyf brand of phones marketed by Reliance Retail. The JioFi device is also available for Rs. 1999. Lyf phones with better specifications will be available as well.
  7. No blackout rates
    Recall those messages from your telecom provider reminding you that you will be charged extra for sending text messages on Diwali, New Year and other occasions? Jio is doing away with that and there will be no surge pricing during special days.
  8. Free services through Apps
    Jio has launches a series of apps where users can watch films on demand, live TV and also a playback of shows already run, listen to the latest songs and music videos, read the latest news and magazines, message and video call each other. The cost of these services is Rs.15000 but Jio will offer them free for everyone till December 2017.
  9. Special offer for students
    Show you student ID card and get an extra 25% data allowance. Not only that, Jio will be installing WI-Fi hotspots in educational institutions so students have quality and reliable access to information.
  10. Jio Welcome Offer
    In the words of Mukesh Ambani, Indians can now do datagiri. Starting 5th September, the Jio sim will be available to everyone. New users will receive unlimited data and unlimited voice free of cost till 31st December 2016.

What are you waiting for? Search for the nearest Reliance store and get your sim today!


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