Aam Aadmi Party is again in news for all the wrong reasons with Party MLA Sandeep Kumar being caught in the Sex Scandal. The biggest expose of AAP till date ! The scandal has proved to be a disaster for the party as it has affected the goodwill of the party among people. The image of the party and Arvind Kejriwal has got a thrashing with this.

While Sandeep Kumar has given his resignation to the Delhi’s Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. In this video you can see how both Arvind Kejriwal and Sandeep Kumar got exposed. Both gives a different statement from each other. Kejriwal says he dismissed Sandeep Kumar within 30 minutes of getting the CD whereas reports suggest that he got hold of the CD 15 days back.

See video how both Kejriwal and Sandeep Kumar got exposed.

Watch Video :



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