Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party continue to have their stars dwindling . Every few days one of their ministers/MLAs end up landing in a legal soup or some kind of controversy. No wonder the party’s so called ‘Imaandaari’ agenda has now become a public joke.

Kejriwal’s minister Sandeep Kumar’s involvement in a sex scandal has further turned party’s image trashy. “But still, these things are not written on anyone’s face”, was what 2016’s Kejriwal had to say on this.

But now we have an old video in which we have a 2013 version of Kejriwal where he is taking ‘guarantee’ of his MLAs before giving them tickets. The minister even tells how the party, before giving ticket to candidates, conducted a three-layer probe and ensured that they do not possess any past record of wrongdoing!

Ofcourse, promises and guarantees are merely words in the ‘BEFORE/AFTER’ game of Politics!

Watch video:


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