Today, when people dare not speak anything about Islamic festivals, we had Rohit Sardana’s Taal Thok Ke in Zee News which took the initiative.

11An excellent debate was held on how slaughtering laws in Bakr-Eid are being violated by Muslims, which ultimately causes pollution and complete nuisance to others.

Rohit sardana even posted a tweet for the same, on his twitter account where he presses the subject of celebrating Eco-friendly Bakr-Eid.
Here is what Sardana tweeted-

sarNow, this tweet imbibed a lot of unexpected responses and you will be more than just interested to have a look at them!

Check out how the public REACTED to Sardana’s tweet…

Now, this tweet created quite a stir on social media and flipped many responses from the public. Many twitter users were actually found supporting the cause. People even suggested a remedy like slaughtering #मिटटी_का_बकरा instead of a living one!

Take a look!





Rohit Sardana’s Taal Thok Ke came up with a brilliant debate on how Muslims are violating slaughtering laws in Bakr-Eid. Where Muslim like Tarek Fatah was actually found talking sense, we also had Muslim Samajwadi party’s leader, who was found bubbling the opposite!

Take a look at the video, and from the first frame you know what extremities were met during the debate.

Watch video-

Click Next to watch the ll Part…


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