The new Keepvid Pro is an app especially designed for your PC and desktop that enables you to download videos from nearly 10,000 websites that stream videos without any hassle. Its navigation is super easy and you can download the trial version directly from their website to take it for a test drive. The Keepvid Pro lets you grab videos from popular sites like Vevo and YouTube without going through a browser so it becomes very easy for a basic user as well. The software version for this app is supported by Mac and Windows and it definitely has its pros over various websites that allow streaming of videos.

Depending on the type of version that you are selecting (free or pro), the features offered to you will be different but the basic drill remains the same. This app also allows one to download any format of video without having to access a browser. Another great feature of the KeepVid Pro is the ‘turbo’ mode which allows you to download videos faster even with slower connections. The KeepVid Pro app is designed just like a browser so one can operate many tabs at one time. So if you’re unsure from which website to download your video, you can open the same video in multiple tabs on the app itself and make your choice.

keepvid-pro-insistpostEasy operation

This app also allows an automatic conversion of the video if you’ve selected the option for ‘auto-convert’. Other than that, it can convert your video files in various available formats like MP3, MP4, WMV, AVI and MOV. With the help of this app, you can also download the MP3 file of a video of your choice by selecting the ‘download MP3’ in the menu box.  The menu for conversion settings will be available in the top right corner of the main tab of the application. The Keepvid Pro also allows you to keep your videos organized in different folders within the app itself. Now you can group all your downloaded videos depending on the format or any other category so that it would be easier to find later.

Downloading from 10,000+ websites at a time

Keepvid Pro is a unique app which lets the user access more than 10,000 websites for videos at one time. It lets the user have complete freedom to download from video streaming websites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Yahoo, Vevo, MyVideo and Ted. Even on slower connections, it helps you to download all your favorite videos in a matter of minutes with its easy operation. Just using the copy-paste option, you can add the URL of the video on the clipboard of the app and then click on the ‘download’ button.

keepvid-pro-insistpost1Built-in browser

The software of this application comes with a built-in browser and you will be able to open multiple tabs on it just like Firefox or Chrome. With the help of Keepvid Pro’s built-in browser, you can now access multiple video sharing and streaming websites with a simple click. You don’t have to open multiple tabs or pages in order to do so and the navigation will be really easy. The websites can be accessed without a hosting browser and you can easily manage to Download Video from YouTube/Websites to PC in no time. So Keepvid Pro allows a user a chance to stream through so many different video sharing websites within it.

Video recording and library

If it is not possible for you to download a particular video due to some connection issues, you can enable the video recording feature to live record your video right there. The recording option will be available in the menu and it lets you record your current screen. Another added bonus to the recording feature is that it enables the sound during the recording so one can watch videos with a clear audio despite it being recorded and not downloaded.

keepvid-pro-insistpost2You can now manage your videos very easily with the help of the video library. It allows you different folders to store your downloaded and converted videos. You can manage it as per your requirements which will help you easily locate your videos if you need them any time later.

Overall, KeepVid Pro gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from various tech gurus and it is proving to be an amazing new technology with respect to features, navigation and speed. The built-in browser is only a bonus which helps even the most basic user navigate through the app very easily. Apart from that, the pro version for ‘turbo’ mode is an added advantage for users with slower connections. In the end, KeepVid Pro is user-friendly and it is easy to use while getting your work done pretty quickly.


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