We all know that Indian wrestling giant and former WWE Heavyweight Champion Dilip Singh Rana, popularly known as The Great Khali has left entertainment wrestling. But the great wrestler recently was seen again in a vigorous and robust action! The only difference lies in the fact that this time, it was not inside the ring that he took over the opponent!

In the video, he is seen showing No Mercy and is pumped up with brutal anger. The incident took place when the WWE superstar decided to take matter in his own hands when his wrestling academy was ransacked by few wrestlers in Jalandhar.

the-great-khali-the-great-khali-21835619-456-352-1428742560-2356670Reportedly, Great khali, who no more competes in WWE and had started his own wresting promotional event ‘Continental Wrestling Entertainment’, had organised one such Wrestling tournaments in Gurgaon. The wrestling event was announced on September 6th by Khali. Around 16 foreign and about 35 domestic wrestlers were supposed to be a part of the show. But due to some inconvenience and difficulties, the event scheduled got postponed.

The person on whom Khali is seen taking charge is Brody Steele, for allegedly vandalising his wrestling academy. According to the Police reports, few foreign wrestlers including female wrestlers took a rant in Khali’s academy showing anger on the postponement of the fight scheduled on October 8th.

5107898The miffed and impatient wrestlers stormed into Khali’s wrestling academy in Jalandhar and vandalised the premises and attacked few of Khali’s students, including his younger brother Surender Rana.

Khali has not been seen this furious after making distance from the ring, so you already can make out how extreme the matter must have been!  So next time make sure you just don’t mess with this behemoth titan. You don’t want him to become your nightmare and end up having sleepless night as Brody Steele must be having.

Khali was seen on the popular reality show “Bigg Boss” where he received immense love from the viewers.




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