qanPakistani social media sensation Qandeel Baloch, who was strangulated to death by her own brother in the name of ‘honour killing’, again made it in the news when the 7 times Grammy winner ‘Madonna’ dedicated a small video on her remembrance. Baloch’s brother said that her image in the society led to family embarrassment and admitted that he had no regrets for murdering his own sister.

Hollywood’s Pop sensation Madonna just payed a small tribute to Qandeel Baloch with a short movie titled ‘Qandeel Baloch: A very short story‘. Madonna said she feels proud narrating a film about the late Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani celebrity, whom she calls “unabashedly bold and fiercely beautiful.”

Earning thousands of fans on social media but also getting condemned by the hypocritical religious conservatives and getting the tag of a ‘disgrace to society‘, never made Qandeel look back and stop her from achieving everything she desired, until she was attacked by her own brother at her own place.

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