Recently, the 2011 World cup match winner Gautam Gambhir was in news, but this time it was not for his comeback in the national side but for the strong views and the stand he has taken on the “Pakistani Artist ban“.

Gambhir in an interview said,”India should not have any ties with Pakistan be it Bollywood or cricket. I am shocked that Bollywood is saying that cricket and movies should be kept ahead of national sentiments”.


“I absolutely endorse that we should have no ties with Pakistan until the time this cross-border terrorism finishes, because I feel that people absolutely need to put themselves in the shoes of those who’ve lost their kids, someone who’s lost their father, son or husband,”


“Obviously I can say this sitting in an AC room, that we should not play or whatever, that cricket should not be compared with politics, Bollywood should not be compared with politics, but people who’ve lost their loved ones obviously feel … if you ask them, you’ll get the answer.

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