The waves of the 2016 presidential elections in US are getting stronger as THE DAY finally is about to arrive. Of course! there are many nominees who are hoping to become the next President of one of the most important nations in the world! But who isn’t aware of the palpable truth that nominees like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, do have a larger share of the pie!

People, and even celebs are going supportive for their respective choice. But amid all this, we heard that pop star Madonna, who has never been shy of controversies, yet again raised eyebrows by offering to perform oral sex on voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

This video even shows the 58-year-old Queen of Pop, Madonna, describing WHAT and HOW she’d do it! The crowd of course went mad as soon as Madonna made this announcement at at Madison Square Garden.

Watch video:

So! What do you think?… Would this announcement bring any good to Clinton! 😉



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