If you don’t already know who Liam Thomas is, chances are you’re living under a rock! An overnight internet sensation, Thomas is an English Cricketer who plays for the England Physical Disability (PD) team. Liam Thomas till now was not a household name in cricket. But after a true show of grit, the talented bunch recently played against Pakistan in the final of the ICC Academy Dubai Invitational Twenty20. Last week, Thomson displayed unmatched sportsmanship when he saved a boundary, after losing his prosthetic leg on the field.

12Unfortunately, Thomas and his team were unable to win the game as Pakistan chased England’s 137 to win the title with only four balls to spare. This act speaks volume about the kind of grit the English player posses. Also, with or without a leg, the REAL game is played with passion. This never-give-up attitude is being lauded around the world, as we see an example of how mind can dominate the body if it has the will.

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