After Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a stringent step towards demonetizing the higher currency notes on 8th November, the country started feeling independent again and there was a feeling of euphoria among the citizens. People felt inspired and a step towards a positive future was sensed by the people. Addressing the nation Modi directly targeted the ones engaged in hoarding stacks of black money in anti- national activities, terror funding and drug trafficking.


While the economic growth in India is rising gradually, on the other side, the rate of corruption is unable to have a downfall despite many steps taken by the government, this brave move by the Prime Minister will certainly evoke hopes of a better future. Checkmate Bribery!

fafAmid all this happiness, we have just forgotten to shower credits to the man who advised Modi to take this step and architectured this entire big game of demonetizing higher currency notes to tackle the problem of black money. Meet, Mr. Anil Bokil, the key member of Arthakranti Sansthan. Anil Bokil, is a Pune based financial adviser and a Mechanical engineer who was fortunate enough to meet Narendra Modi.

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