Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is back with an ‘oppose Modi’ hoarding, yet again after Modi imposed ban on 500/1000 note currency on 8th November 2016. The decision has been taken to eradicate black money from the country which always has been one of the biggest barricade in the development of the nation!

Kejriwal’s condemning this very idea, however, isn’t a new thing. It was him, who had indirectly demanded the proof of surgical strike a couple of weeks back and keeping the tradition alive, Kejriwal again, tried to influence people today!

Holding a mic, the moment the minister started chanting the ‘anti-Modi’ song again, the crowd slammed him hard by raising their voices high and chanting ‘Modi-Modi’ slogans. Poor Kejriwal! How disappointing it must have been for him to see how badly public opposes HIM and not MODI.

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