Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared ban on 500 and 100 notes on 8th November, 2016, the opposition and other parties have been facing constant terror. Clouds of tension have covered the stadium of Politics where playing the GAME would obviously become more difficult with the upcoming elections already on the hold.

Where big Politicians like Asduddin Owaisi and Arvind Kejriwal, were seen condemning and criticizing the decision, Cogress’s Rahul Gandhi grabbed the attention by doing two peculiar stunts! One was his tweet where he criticized Modi’s BIG decision and secondly, his standing in a que to exchange notes! Or he also must have done this to show people off, what an ‘aam-aadmi‘ he is, or atleast sympathetic towards them!

But Modi’s latest troll on Rahul Gandhi has proved that he is neither an ‘aam-admi‘ nor ‘sympathetic‘.

Watch How Modi ‘trolled Rahul Gandhi and the crowd cheered!


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