Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, also known as the big bull of Dalal street, recently experienced a great decline in his stock portfolio value. This year, after 1 November, there has been a great decline of around 1,400 crore in his portfolio which does not include the loss of his top pick DLF.

A loss of 30% in India’s largest real estate company has been experienced in last 16 days. The investor’s share in the company is still unknown. Big bull experienced a huge loss in jewellery company ‘Titan‘ whose shares dropped upto 15% since the month started.


The investor suffered a loss of 405 crores in Titan. From the peak in august this year, big bull’s portfolio value is down by 840 crores. He had also made great investments in companies like Tata Motors and Rallis India. Both the companies suffered a great decline due to ongoing dispute between Tata sons and Cyrus Mistry. The Casino Company, Delta corp’s shares plummeted over 42% in last 15 days, which proved to be the biggest loss in big bull’s portfolio, in terms of percentage.

Except DLF, Jhunjhunwala holds a share in ‘Dewan Housing Finance‘ which lends money for real estate development and home buying. The investor also suffered a loss of 100 crores as the company tanked 25% in last 15 days.

Its still unconfirmed that these losses are the consequences of Demonetization. But the stock market surely, is experiencing enormous ups and downs and this will continue in near future till this decision of government takes another form.



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