Recently, actress Vidya Balan visited Lucknow for promotional event of her upcoming movie ‘Kahaani 2’ which is scheduled to release on December 2, 2016. Considering the plot of the movie she also expressed her thoughts over the prevailing status of feminism in the country as well as in the entertainment industry.

She said that there existed a time when scripts used to be written in such a format keeping lead actresses like Zeenat Aman, Smita Patil in consideration. Then they started making male-centeric scripts keeping bollywood’s actors in mind. But the time has changed again, industry started making scripts using female figures as protagonist.

She also said that she is afraid of word ‘FEMINISM‘ as in current scenerio its meaning has changed. They have made this word superficial. Other than this she also shared her views over Demonetization trending in the country.


The actresses lauded Modi government’s decision of Note-Ban and called it appreciable. When asked about the use of black money in film-industry, she said that, that was different era when there was utilization of black money in the very industry but now is a trend of Corporate Culture. Even actors get their payments through cheque.

She also added that people are not going out to watch movies which is surely affecting the film-business. She told that next morning, after the announcement of note-ban, she was at c-link. People usually did monetary exchanges there but that day she was compelled to wait for some hours because of the chaos brought by Narendra Modi’s announcement.

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