Congress vice President, Rahul Gandhi has never missed an opportunity to broadcast himself in the media and show concern over the problems faced by people. No matter how bad he gets trolled on the social media he is always been there criticizing the ruling party and do political stunts which unfortunately make him look no less than a clown.

adadDemonetising the higher currency notes of Rs.500 & 1000 was a crucial decision by the Prime Minister, but the implementation of this decision has not been up to the mark and the citizens are seen facing abrupt problems. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi has manged to keep the people calm and patient. There hasn’t been any incident reported where people have shown their outrage and anger. They have been showing faith and trust towards his policies and blindly walk the lane of corruption free India.


On 21st November, in this freezing cold weather Rahul Gandhi lined up for another photo opportunity, as he visited the ATM’s with serpentine quees. In the wee hours of morning in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi was seen doing a job of a reporter.


Rahul Gandhi interacted with the people ahead of the stormy session in the parliament. Today, is the 4th day of winter session and the opposition has clearly shown signs of criticizing the ruling party and the Prime Minister over the poor implementation of demonetisation and opposing this decision.

Earlier Rahul Gandhi landed up at the Parliament Street branch of State Bank of India in New Delhi, and stood in the queue with the people standing there for exchanging Rs.4000. He also visited a ATM in Mumbai and was seen interacting with people. This is just a publicity stunt or Rahul is really concerned about the problems faced by the people? This doesn’t actually have a clear answer!

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in the que for exchange old notes at SBI Parliament street in new Delhi on friday Express photo by Prem nath Pandey 11 nov 16

Was it just another photo opt which Rahul Gandhi was seen doing?  This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi tried reaching out to the audience and take stock of the situation with on ground activities. He was also seen provoking people to support him oppose the demonetisation. This morning he was seen hearing the grievance of the people and their inconvenience over the demonetisation.

Rahul is also expected to talk about the harsdship people have been facing after the demonetisation of the old higher currency notes in the Parliament today.

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