The fight against Black money has now hit another prominent figure of India. Former chief selector of Indian cricket team, Sandeep Patil experienced the attack of Modi’s recent weapon of Demonetization. There is an upcoming wedding in his family for which he has to withdraw a large amount of money but due to the affect of demonetization he is facing problem.


Patil had made unsuccessful attempt of withdrawing an amount of 2.5 lakh from a government bank last week for his son’s wedding. Patil lauded the decision of demonetization by central government before.

Recently, Government made a relieving amendment in their decision for those who have weddings in their houses. Not only Mr. patil, but another Andheri based businessman also faced the same problem.

One official said that Swadheen Kshatriya, Chief Secretary(Government of Maharashtra) has inspected the whole situation. He said-“Chief Secretary will put this matter in front of finance ministry. We will try to avail sufficient amount of 100-50 notes in rural areas and also curb this problem of 2.5 lakh cash withdrawal for weddings.” 



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