The affect of demonetization can be seen on each and every group of the society. Meanwhile a different case has come forward. A prisoner from Sabarmati Jail, Ahmedabad has filed a petition to get bail for exchanging old currency. He has been in jail since October 21, 2016 in the charge of Human Trafficking.


The accused Bharat Mali, a native of Naroda, was the director of Swapna Srushti Multi-Specialty Hospital situated in Krishna-Nagar. A Pune based lady accused him for trapping her in human trafficking.

He first filed petition for bail on 26 October which was rejected by the court. He also took back his second petition from Gujarat high court thinking it would be rejected too. But on Friday, the petition was filed again, demanding bail for exchanging 1000 and 500 notes and using “demonetization” as an excuse this time.

Jagat Patel, Bharat’s advocate, asserted that he was the director of a multi-specialty hospital which started in September 2015. He has been paying all his income taxes since 2001. Therefore, he should be given bail for exchanging old currencies like any other Indian citizen. His client wanted temporary release. If they’ll wait for charge-sheet, it will be too late. The time limit for exchange might end and his client would face great loss. 



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