West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee clearly looked unhappy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Decision on demonetization of higher currency notes of Rs. 500 and 1000.


The opposition parties have been criticizing the decision of demonetization since the day it was bought into action. While Rahul Gandhi was seen playing a role of a reporter on the streets of New Delhi by doing on ground activities, asking people about their opinion on demonetization, he was also seen provoking them to support him protest against the ruling party’s decision over demonetization.

rahul_gandhi-ani_2When it comes to criticizing or raising a question on Narendra Modi or anybody related to BJP how can we miss out to take Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s name.

mamata3Kejriwal and the AAP have been maintaining that the scheme of demonetization is only causing hardship to the poor and has hit farmers and traders. When Kejriwal could ask proof regarding the surgical strike, we certainly can’t expect him to be fine over this bold move of demonetization!  AAP which was born out of anti-corruption movement is now only in the media because their party leader either comments something foolish or a new scandal tape of a party member is released out. Ironic right?

kejriwal-mamata_650x400_81439317080Another name which attacked the Prime Minister and ridiculed his decision of demonetising the old higher currency notes was West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. 


Where other leaders are seen criticizing the implementation of demonestion and the hardship faced by the citizens in country, Mamata Banerjee has the most silly question someone could ever ask.

Adding to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s long list of complaint speaking at Kolkata she said, “Everyone knows about Sunderbans and the Royal Bengal Tiger. In the 2000 rupee note, the Royal Bengal Tiger is not there”. The elephant is there. National heritage, they say. But the national animal is not there. When the whole country is facing problems of cash crisis and standing in serpentine quees of ATM’s and banks she is more worried about why the picture of  “Royal Bengal Tiger” was emitted from the new currency notes ! Is this the influence of sharing stage with Arvind Kejriwal? Counter parting Arvind Kejriwal and taking out a protest over the demonetisation decision looks like Mamata banerjee has lost her minds too. We must say, kejriwal is too manipulative and the effects are seen on Mamata Didi !


The 2000 Rupee note features a picture of Mahatma Gandhi and a ‘Mangalyaan’ satellite referring to India’s world-famous Mars Orbiter program along with small illustrations of an elephant, a peacock, and a lotus.

Why not the Royal Bengal Tiger,” she asked.

mamata-banerjee_1479806119_725x725Speaking to the audience in Kolkata, Banerjee said, “The current 10 Rupee note features the tiger.  “They have removed the Royal Bengal tiger”

She also said she will be holding an anti-demonetisation protest on the streets of Delhi on November 23rd along with other parties that will go down protesting Prime Minister’s demonetisation decision.


Earlier she has also put allegation on Modi calling him a “fraud” and now she was seen labeling him as a “dictator”.

We hope you stop taking out rallies with Arvind Kejriwal and wish you get well soon Mamata Didi !



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