Ever Since the Prime Minister took the decision of Demonetizing the Old Higher Currency notes of Rs.500 and 1000, people are spending half their time by standing in long serpentine queues of banks and ATM’s. In this volatile and competitive world where “Time is Money” the never ending zig zag lines has killed a lot of time of the busy scheduled people.

bvvcTo save your time this Indian Startup will allow you to hire a worker who will stand in the queues for  you at a “reasonable fee”. An online service named ‘Book My Chotu‘, based out of Delhi, has started offering ‘Chotus’ or errand boys, to people who are standing in queues outside banks and ATM’s to obtain cash after the Narendra Modi’s decision of demonetization of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 old currency notes.

proxy-for-bank-queue_759_ie-fileTheir services cost Rs 90 for an hour while hiring a ‘Chotu’ would cost you Rs 170 for two hours, Rs 260 for three hours, Rs 330 for four hours, Rs 380 for five hours, Rs 450 for a six hours, Rs 500 for seven hours and Rs 550 for full eight hours.

ad_112216024553This ” Demonetisation Jugaad” has turned this adversity into an opportunity, which will benefit the customers save their time and the company earn money from this.

iuyDoneThing” is one more app that will provide the same service and will let you hire a worker to stand in long snaked line for you ! DoneThing and Bookmychotu have been offering their services to make your life easier for a price. While you can hire someone from DoneThing to stand in line for reportedly Rs 100 per hour, Bookmychhotu offers the same service at a competitive fee of Rs 90 an hour. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, quite literally, both companies have advertised their services on various social media platforms.

Watch The Video Here 


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