As panic gripped the city of Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh after a six feet long crocodile entered a residential colony from a nearby water body, the furious localities did something that was actually necessary to bring the egoistic government servants out from their luxury world and taste flavor of their own medicine.


According to a report, a crocodile entered the city of Shivpuri from a nearby talab or a pond on 23rd November, although this wasn’t the first time such an incident took place in the city. The localities did what any sensible person would do. They informed the forest department to send a rescue team and catch the giant before it harms any resident in the city.

mg5_1479802595People generally get angry over the administrative apathy they face because of the irresponsible nature of government officials, but it’s not very often that we hear that they react to it, thus people and their emotions are always taken for granted. But, this time the residents got irritated by the unresponsive behavior of the forest department and took the crocodile to the forest officer’s bungalow and left it there. The sluggish response by the government officials and the rescue team made them take this step.

source : bhasker
source: bhasker

After a prolonged struggle, the residents managed to tie the 6 feet long reptile with wooden logs and ropes and left the crocodile at the bungalow premises of Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF). Surprisingly, the rescue team appeared within minutes and took the crocodile to the nearby Sindh River.

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