Demonetization was a big move any leader could even think of implementing in a country with the largest democracy and a population of about 125 crores. On 8th of November Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this brave decision to demonetize the Higher currency notes of Rs.500 and 1000. The government issued new currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 and the people are given a window of 50 days till December 31 to exchange their old currency notes for new.

modi-meet-epsWhile the opposition found ways to oppose it and curb demonetization the support from millions of common citizens who look forward to a corruption free India has created havoc in the country.

In an attempt to show his transparency over his move and show the world he is not biased when it comes to offenders holding crores of black money,no matter if they are of his own party BJP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a bold move in the winter session of the Parliament. This significant move shows his commitment to erupt corruption from the country and give equal opportunities to the citizens of the country.


Demonetization is being discussed in the Winter session of the Parliament. On 29th November PM Modi has asked BJP MPs and MLAs to submit details of their bank account transactions between November 8 and December 31. The ministers have been asked to submit the details to party president Amit Shah by January 1. There were several questions being raised that why isn’t Modi asking the bank details of his own party members by the opposition who call them as the largest hoarders of Black money, here he is giving answers right in their face.

ptiThe details should be submitted to BJP president Amit Shah by January 1st, 2017. Addressing the BJP parliamentary party meet on Tuesday, Modi said, the IT Amendment Bill is not to turn black money into white but to use money looted from poor for welfare.

ptBJP chief, Amit Shah also asked the BJP MPs to motivate those traders who fall in their constituencies to move to cashless transactions. PM’s instructions have come in the wake of the newly proposed tax rules for those who surrender black or untaxed money by the end of the year.


When Modi has taken a big decision and how can Arvind Kejriwal back out from questioning the PM ? After this decision, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal again took to twitter and said that details of transactions made before six months of the announcement should also be revealed. Kejriwal, questioning the move, said account details of “PM Modi’s friends” like Adani, Ambani, PayTm and Big Bazaar should also be obtained.

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Many Prominent personalities also took to twitter to support this move. Editorial Director of the New Indian Express, Prabhu Chawla tweeted questioning the PM.


To this, he got a befitting reply from the Veteran actor from Bollywood Mr. Anupam Kher who tweeted



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