The nation witnessed it all, how the BJP-led NDA claimed a landslide victory making huge gains across the country, in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Two and a half years have passed and the BJP has lived upto the nation’s expectation indeed!

Gone are the days when we had to wake up to newspaper front pages blaring headlines of major scams of Congress amounting to lakhs of crores of rupees. Now we have announcements of major companies building factories worth lakhs of crores of rupees & being proud to “Make in India”.

The party believes that just holding one central point is not enough for a developing nation like India . And so, it strives to hold power in the states as well, in order to bring that revolutionary change! Poverty, Employment, Education, Security and other aspects of development have turned mere ‘promises’ by political parties and never actually fell in the realm of implementation!


And the state that needs the utmost attention today is Uttar Pradesh where people are tired of family politics and corruption! The state has had enough of SP/BSP’s fake promises and corrupt deeds. Who isn’t aware of the ‘parivarwad’ politics of Samajwadi Party and who doesn’t know about Mayawati’s ill-deeds! it’s high time that the state witnesses reign of a responsible dominion!

The revolution that Union Government brought in the nation this year clearly indicates that there is a fair CHOICE for the people in UP, for the upcoming elections, this time.

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