We all know about Indian neighboring country Pakistan that how good neighbor is this country. The only thing Pakistan wants from India is Kashmir but poor Pakistan can’t even fulfill the stomach of half of its population. In Pakistan what people are taught is terrorism and how to hate other religions and this feeling make terrorist. Pakistan is well known only for its terror activities and the style in which they betray the facts. Recently a video of Pakistan is going viral all over the internet which shows how poor is Pakistan. This video features some Pakistani people running for food like stray animals.

In Pakistan, more than the half of people sleep without eating food and live their life in poverty. Still, Pakistan wants Kashmir from India and for this, they keep doing terrorist activities. People, there are not given primary education and good quality food but are only mind washed to fight against India and other countries. On next page watch,  a video of Pakistan buffet system and you will die of laughing on their condition.

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