Everyone is aware of the Gunda Raj that prevails in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Many times, it has been seen how people, who have a connection with big political parties, develop a ‘you-don’t-know-me’ attitude and  take advantage of the power and politics.

We’ve seen enough of the drama in Samajwadi Party already and people seem tired of the family politics too. So all this has already trashed the image of the party and now the rest is being tarnished by those who have a “connection” with the party in one way or the other.

Everybody is aware of the fact that politician, their supporters and workers take a lot of advantage of the power and status in UP and think that rules and regulation are meant to be followed by the common people and not them! And so, they do not pay heed to anyone and do whatever they feel like without any fear.

Watch the video on NEXT page, and see how Samajwadi Party woman refuses to pay toll!


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