Everyone aspires to become famous and popular and become a known personality, but the question here is HOW? Many people work hard and clocks in order to get a fame-name, however, they still fail to get THAT very limelight. But there are also some, who become famous and become an overnight star and the name Kanhaiya Kumar definitely fits in here, who, however, didn’t become a star but definitely got famous.

No one knew about any Kanhaiya, a couple of months ago, but today, people have a good knowledge about him and his desperation. But what made Kanhaiya famous? What actually has he done that his face is now a familiar one?

Well! We tell you, Kumar is a student from JNU, who time and again, has raised anti-national slogans for the nation. Flip back pages in your mind to the death anniversary of Afzal Guru on 9th February. The day is remembered for negativity that emanated from the campus of JNU where students and others raised anti-national slogans and shamed the nation. After this, Police had arrested Kanhaiya Kumar, who was the leader of the Student’s Wing.

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